About Mason Advertising Ltd

Roger Mason – C.E.O.

Roger Mason’s unique left brain/right brain abilities were first recognized more than thirty years ago by a client who was impressed by how easy it was to brief someone creative, who could also understand technical requirements.

Since that time, Roger has been providing this great value-added service to clients in all types of industry and business. Not only are his designs clever, clean and aesthetically pleasing, they are smart, appropriate and communicate the unique selling proposition to a distinct target audience.


Now one of the largest manufacturers of security systems in the world, DSC (Digital Security Controls), first employed Mason Ad over twenty years ago, when it was operating as a three man company out of the owner’s home.

The company charged Mason Ad with its corporate identity and entire print advertising requirements. Their creative requirements continued to grow in leaps and bounds over the next two decades. To this day, Mason Ad’s creative is remarkable in that it set a new standard in this industry, and helped to contribute to the multimillion dollar growth
of the company, which today employs two thousand employees and markets its products in 165 countries around the world in thirteen languages.

Over the years, Mason Ad’s capability to analyze and then clarify highly complex technical data and communicate it simply and beautifully has benefited many other industrial and manufacturing companies throughout Canada and the USA –
( e.g. Magna International, Apple Computer, IBM Business Partner – Mid-Range Computers Inc., Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth Cars, CTM Inc. ).

The logic and common sense that Mason Ad brings to the creative table is universal in its appropriateness, as shown in the successful application to individuals and companies who market everything from motivational speaking seminars to cosmetics to clothing. There really is no client, company or product that cannot benefit from this left brain/right brain kind of thinking and creative.

Mason Advertising Limited:

Creating smart solutions that get noticed Since 1976.